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Tyler Catalina

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Tyler Catalina is intelligent. Tyler Catalina has a reputation as a hard worker. Tyler Catalina has an ideal build for an offensive guard. Tyler Catalina is an experienced offensive tackle. Tyler Catalina has powerful leg drive. Tyler Catalina has strong arms and hands.
Weakness: Tyler Catalina is a bit slow for a pulling guard. Tyler Catalina lacks ideal quickness and burst. Tyler Catalina lacks experience at guard and center.
Development: Tyler Catalina graduated from a small school and made the leap to starting left tackle in a power conference without much difficulty. To make the next leap to the NFL, he'll either need a few players to get injured or he'll have to show that he can play on the interior of the offensive line. While his experience and projections are best for tackle, he'll need to show he can step right in and play guard in the NFL to make a roster spot as the 4th tackle. So expect the Redskins to stick him right in at guard and work him hard right from the start. They'll want to see rapid progress and an ability to make adjustments to the unique situations an interior lineman must face. He has improved his technique and muscle mass ratio a lot during his time at tackle, but he has a lot of work to do on both still. His best assets for the future are his powerful limbs. He has a better than average shot at a practice squad slot and has the physical and mental tools to develop into an NFL lineman if all goes well.
Fantasy Football Rating: No positive impact right away.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal build with adequate athleticism; strong work ethic; history of production.

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