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Ondre Pipkins

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Rookie Free Agent

Texas Tech

Strength: Ondre Pipkins is big. Ondre Pipkins is strong. Ondre Pipkins is agile for his size. Ondre Pipkins was a solid performer against top competition. Ondre Pipkins plays with good leverage. Ondre Pipkins is a hard worker.
Weakness: Ondre Pipkins has an injury history. Ondre Pipkins has limited playing experience. Ondre Pipkins is not particularly quick, nor fast. Ondre Pipkins has very raw technique with his hands and feet. Ondre Pipkins lacks a quick first step. Ondre Pipkins rarely applies pressure on pass plays.
Development: Ondre Pipkins has the size and athleticism to play nose tackle in the NFL. He has been on scouts' radars since high school The questions about him are all about whether he will be able to endure the rigors of NFL play and maintain that athleticism with his injury history. He was barely able to stay on the field before his senior season. But he showed himself to be a stout run defender who could hold the line in that senior season. He also showed a lot by getting into much better shape, transforming himself from big and round to big and muscular. Despite the team's lack of depth at nose tackle, it is unlikely Ondre Pipkins will make the roster to start the season. However, the fact that he's one of the few players competing for nose tackle with ideal size for the position means that all he has to do is flash some potential to be strong at the line and occasionally disruptive in order to make the practice squad. If he doesn't flash anything before the season, he's unlikely to get a second chance.
Fantasy Football Rating: Holds the line.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Solid size/athleticism ratio; injury history; inexperienced; raw project.

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