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Kyle Kalis

Washington Redskins

Offensive Guard

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Kyle Kalis is an experienced offensive right guard who has faced top competition. Kyle Kalis uses his big hands well. Kyle Kalis is fundamentally sound. Kyle Kalis is equally good in pass protection and run blocking. Kyle Kalis is strong. Kyle Kalis is football smart. Kyle Kalis is a leader. Kyle Kalis is a hard worker.
Weakness: Kyle Kalis is a bit light for a guard. Kyle Kalis is slow. Kyle Kalis lacks agility. Kyle Kalis lacks quickness. Kyle Kalis lacks experience at other positions.
Development: Kyle Kalis went from a nationally ranked recruit coming out of high school to a combine snub coming out of college, though he lived up to his billing by being a reliable blocker at right guard from the start. Though he has the height to be a tackle, he lacks ideal athleticism to play anywhere on the line. Still, he has a history of college success. Most of that stems from his ability to set up properly, get good hand punch and grab, and a tenacity to follow through on his blocks. That his father was a successful NFL player may be his best bet to get a few chances in the NFL. If he can show that his football experience and technique is enough to overcome his limitations, he may be able to eventually stick with a team as a backup lineman. He will also need to show that he can play center and slide out to tackle in a pinch, two positions he hasn't really prepared to play in the past.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Good height and strength. History of production. Athletically deficient.

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