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Fish Smithson

Washington Redskins

Free Safety

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Fish Smithson is around the ball at the end of most plays. Fish Smithson has had consistent, elite production against elite competition. Fish Smithson has good hands, both receiving and stripping the ball. Fish Smithson has a reputation as a hard worker. Fish Smithson is football smart. Fish Smithson has strong leadership skills.
Weakness: Fish Smithson has less than ideal size for a safety. Fish Smithson lacks ideal quickness for a defensive back. Fish Smithson lacks ideal speed for a safety.
Development: Fish Smithson is one of those players that would be a first round draft pick if teams just watched the games and didn't diligently measure the measurables. Strangely enough, he didn't get those measurements done at the combine. Unless there are some injuries, he is unlikely to make the roster to start the season. What he most show in training camp and the preseason is that his football instincts, intelligence, ball skills, and tackling skills are enough to overcome some athletic limitations. He is the kind of player who may not have a high ceiling, but his floor is such that he could go out and start opening week and he'd probably be an upgrade over anyone starting at safety for Washington DC in 2016. With some coverage technique improvement he could reach his ceiling soon. If he can latch on to the practice squad until there is an opening, he's got potential to be a solid special teams player and safety in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Tackling machine. Above average turnover potential.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Big-time producer with slightly below average measurables.

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