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Fabian Moreau

Washington Redskins




Strength: Fabian Moreau has elite speed. Fabian Moreau has a solid build. Fabian Moreau plays tough against the run. Fabian Moreau is quick and agile, even by NFL cornerback standards. Fabian Moreau has shown rapid progress in his technique. Fabian Moreau has performed well against top competition.
Weakness: Fabian Moreau has a few injury flags. Fabian Moreau has limited experience as a defensive back. Fabian Moreau has a tendency to continue bumping and holding receivers too long. Fabian Moreau has small hands. Fabian Moreau hasn't shown much ability to intercept passes or strip runners at the college level.
Development: Fabian Moreau has a playing style and skill set that is quite similar to those of Bashaud Breeland when he entered the league, with the main differences being Moreau has better size-athleticism measurables and Breeland was more experienced coming into the league. Likewise, Fabian Moreau faces the same challenges of learning how, where, and when he can get away with being physical with receivers without drawing a flag and how to maintain coverage when he isn't being physical. Fabian Moreau has a higher ceiling, but is entering with a history of injuries and then a longer learning curve once he is healthy. If he is healthy by opening day, he certainly has the size, strength, and speed to be a top special teams contributor in a variety of roles while he learns the nuances of coverage in the NFL. He has the tenacity to play safety in a pinch, though he lacks the experience to do so right away.
Fantasy Football Rating: Few big plays in college, but raw player who could develop that aspect of game in a few years.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal measurables and progressive history of success.

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