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Ryan Anderson

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker



Strength: Ryan Anderson has been a top college player against top competition. Ryan Anderson plays with consistent power. Ryan Anderson maintains a high intensity level throughout a game. Ryan Anderson is a leader. Ryan Anderson is a hard worker. Ryan Anderson is football smart. Ryan Anderson maintains good balance while making moves to get past blockers. Ryan Anderson makes a lot of tackles in the backfield. Ryan Anderson takes good angles in run pursuit. Ryan Anderson has succeeded using a wide variety of pass rushing moves. Ryan Anderson has shown some potential in zone coverage.
Weakness: Ryan Anderson is slower than average for a linebacker. Ryan Anderson lacks ideal size for an outside linebacker. Ryan Anderson has not shown much in man coverage, especially when he has to turn his back to the quarterback.
Development: Ryan Anderson is one of those guys who looks ordinary in practice and below average in drills, then puts on the pads and consistently blows up offensive plays. The measurables confirm that he shouldn't be so successful, but his relentless effort and natural football instincts separate him from the competition when it counts. The question the Redskins have to get answered is whether those traits will still be enough to make him a good football player when most of the other players are top athletes with a lot of experience. The interesting thing is that Ryan Anderson has managed to do all of this without really fully developing as a player in terms of reading offenses and the finer details of playing technique. So what he brings is a player with a history of success, a lot of game experience, and the instincts to step in and make big plays from day one, all while leaving plenty of room for improvement. Given the depth Washington DC has at outside linebacker, Ryan Anderson will need to show a lot of development on the mental side of the game or have some injuries ahead of him in order to become a starter. In particular, he will need to develop his man coverage skills and pass play recognition, before he is regularly trusted in base sets. However, he does have the skills to contribute as a pass rusher right away. As he shows progress it is actually the base sets where he should eventually have the success, as he is equally gifted sacking quarterbacks and stuffing running plays.
Fantasy Football Rating: Playmaker, but probably just a rotation guy early in his career.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Complete player; Lacks ideal size and speed, but history of consistently making plays against top competition.

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