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Joshua Holsey

Washington Redskins

Free Safety



Strength: Joshua Holsey has good speed. Joshua Holsey has good quickness. Joshua Holsey has above average agility. Joshua Holsey has a thick build. Joshua Holsey plays hard and tough. Joshua Holsey has been successful against top competition. Joshua Holsey produced big plays, despite rarely being targeted last year. Joshua Holsey shows good special teams intensity. Joshua Holsey displays good football intelligence. Joshua Holsey has experience at safety.
Weakness: Joshua Holsey has a history of leg injuries. Joshua Holsey is shorter than ideal.
Development: Joshua Holsey is one of the more underrated prospects from the 2017 NFL draft. While his injury history is a concern, his play last season did not show any lingering effects. If anything, his injury history shows his resiliency. Joshua Holsey comes in near the bottom of the depth chart due to here he was drafted, but I would not be surprised if he climbed all the way into playing time this season. He stands out in man coverage and projects to be especially effective against quick slot receivers. He is thick enough and a strong enough tackler to play some strong safety, but feisty enough and athletic enough to take on a team's top receiver on the outside. He could use some technique work, film room work, and weight room work. But, while he hasn't played a lot of football, he is more ready to play than most rookies. If he can stay healthy, there is no reason he can't play cornerback in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Playmaker, with shutdown cover potential.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Injury history; Production history; Ideal athleticism.

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