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Josh Harvey-Clemons

Washington Redskins

Inside Linebacker



Strength: Josh Harvey-Clemons has long limbs with room for more muscle. Josh Harvey-Clemons has big hands. Josh Harvey-Clemons has long arms. Josh Harvey-Clemons likes to deliver blows. Josh Harvey-Clemons has above average agility and short-space quickness for a safety. Josh Harvey-Clemons uses his long arms well in coverage. Josh Harvey-Clemons is injured.
Weakness: Josh Harvey-Clemons is a lightweight as a linebacker. Josh Harvey-Clemons is not particularly strong. Josh Harvey-Clemons has a slender build, not providing much room for additional muscle on his torso. Josh Harvey-Clemons comes with all kinds of character red flags. Josh Harvey-Clemons lacks ideal linebacker speed. Josh Harvey-Clemons did not create a lot of turnovers in college.
Development: Is Josh Harvey-Clemons a slow, oversized safety or a gangly linebacker? At this point, his best shot at sticking in the NFL is to stay clean and show that he can use his size to cover tight ends who are too quick for typical NFL linebackers and too large for typical NFL safeties. Man coverage of larger players is the one thing he already does at an NFL level. Everything else needs a lot of work. He'll likely be developed for special teams player and situational linebacker in the early going. He is most likely auditioning for a practice squad slot, with his best short-term shot at the roster being the unusually short depth chart at inside linebacker.
Fantasy Football Rating: Despite large hands, hasn't produced much.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Physical tweener with experience; situational defender; character concerns.

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