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Robert Davis

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver


Georgia State

Strength: Robert Davis is a large wide receiver. Robert Davis has above average speed for a wide receiver. Robert Davis has reliable hands. Robert Davis shows excellent leadership skills. Robert Davis adjusts well to the ball in the air. Robert Davis is an excellent leaper. Robert Davis shows good zone scheme seam recognition. Robert Davis is a willing blocker.
Weakness: Robert Davis doesn't use his hands effectively to get separation at the line. Robert Davis doesn't always appear to be giving full effort during the game. Robert Davis is a terrible route runner. Robert Davis struggles to maintain momentum through the catch. Robert Davis lacks quickness. Robert Davis lacks elusiveness.
Development: If you were to search for an ideal of what an NFL receiver should look like, it wouldn't be surprising if you came up with a picture of Robert Davis. Put him on the football field, and he basically just kind of seems to do his own thing, running slow-developing, rounded routes and catching anything thrown near him. He got away with it in college because he was just bigger and faster than the competition. Other than having long legs, there is nothing in his measurables to suggest he has any athletic limitations to his route running. He's basically a better hands version of Brian Quick coming out of college. Hopefully, his development will be more rapid. Despite his size and hands, he isn't ready to run crisp red zone routes, which is a common path for big receivers trying to make a roster spot. He seems unlikely to secure a roster spot with such unreliable route running skills, but it would be hard to pass over his potential as at least a practice squad project. His best chance is to show continual improvement in his understanding of how to play wide receiver and to show that his athleticism translates into special teams dominance. If he really puts in the work and learns the mental side of playing wide receiver, he has all of the physical talent to be a very good receiver in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: No positive short-term impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Big, fast, and raw: project.

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