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Chase Roullier

Washington Redskins




Strength: Chase Roullier is a driving run blocker. Chase Roullier is an excellent lead blocker on sweeps and screens. Chase Roullier has a lot of starting experience. Chase Roullier holds his position well against bull rushes. Chase Roullier didn't really have bad stretches at the college level. Chase Roullier is intelligent. Chase Roullier has a reputation as a hard worker.
Weakness: Chase Roullier has poor workout numbers. Chase Roullier lacks ideal lineman length. Chase Roullier is a bit tall for a center. Chase Roullier is not particularly fit.
Development: Chase Roullier moved from being a dominant run-blocking offensive guard to a solid all-around center during his last year of college. He's one of those players who catches your eye right away, as he is usually more aggressive than the guy he's blocking. One of the issues he'll need to work on is that he seems a step slow coming off the snap as a center, which is contrary to the way he launches into his attack as a guard. As a guard he's clearly a better run blocker than pass protector, but it flips the other way around when he plays center. From his workout numbers and measurements you'd expect to see a penguin waddling around the field, but when you watch him play what you get is a very mobile, aggressive, and reactive blocker. Though he is a bit tall and short-limbed for an interior lineman, few players establish a flexible base better for both lateral and forward drive, and even while leading a runner in the flat. He looks pretty close to ready to play some guard in the NFL, but there are legitimate questions about his development at center. While he's always worked hard on the practice field, he has a long way to go in developing play recognition and getting his body into NFL shape. The Redskins no doubt drafted him because of his pattern of success and his ability to play two positions, so whether or not he makes the roster this year will depend on whether he looks competent at both positions. If he struggles, his attitude as a run blocker should at least be enough for a practice squad spot. Over the long run there is nothing about him to indicate he should be anything less than a successful NFL player who can dominate as a run blocker and hold his own as a pass blocker.
Fantasy Football Rating: Plus run blocker who could probably even be used in the backfield.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Poor athleticism measurements. Dominant college player who succeeds by strength, intelligence, and attitude; all of which translate well to the NFL game.

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