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Jonathan Allen

Washington Redskins

Defensive End



Strength: Jonathan Allen has consistently dominated top college football players. Jonathan Allen has a reputation as a quick learner. Jonathan Allen is football smart. Jonathan Allen is a hard worker. Jonathan Allen is a leader. Jonathan Allen has extraordinary coordination for a lineman. Jonathan Allen is tough. Jonathan Allen routinely surprises blockers with exceptional bursts of power from his base, arms, and hands. Jonathan Allen has been dominant lining up all over the defensive line. Jonathan Allen is equally good getting to running backs and quarterbacks.
Weakness: Jonathan Allen reportedly has some shoulder problems. Jonathan Allen lacks ideal speed for a defensive end. Jonathan Allen lacks ideal size for a nose tackle. Jonathan Allen doesn't always get proper leverage against power running plays.
Development: Jonathan Allen reportedly was passed over by many teams in the draft because of concern about a shoulder condition he's been playing with for a couple of years. However, unless that injury is somehow aggravated, there is no reason to believe he'll be any less physically capable of playing from day one in the NFL. Jonathan Allen is a gifted technician on the field, able to easily, successfully implement new tricks he's just learned in game situations. He makes continual adjustments throughout a game, in a way few players can. He is a top athlete, but without the elite measurables. While he has a lot to learn, he is not the type of player who needs a lot of time to learn it. He is perfectly capable of starting the season as a starter at any position on the defensive line and of quickly becoming the best player the team has at whatever the position is. However, his compact build would seem to indicate that the best position for him is at defensive end in base sets. He can be expected to move around regularly for varying situations, moving towards the interior in passing situations and towards the outside in running situations. While he lacks the speed to run speedsters down from behind, he has the burst and determination to destroy offensive plays early and to run players down when they are forced to change directions. It is hard to imagine Jonathan Allen being anything other than the Redskins best defensive lineman to start the season and one of the team's best players overall by the end of the season if he is able to stay healthy.
Fantasy Football Rating: Elite.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Injury concerns; Dominating technician with ideal power and quickness, who has continually improved, showing no signs of reaching his ceiling.

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