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Jeremy Sprinkle

Washington Redskins

Tight End



Strength: Jeremy Sprinkle has big hands. Jeremy Sprinkle has excellent hands as a receiver. Jeremy Sprinkle is a tall tight end. Jeremy Sprinkle is an experienced blocking tight end. Jeremy Sprinkle runs crisp routes for a tight end. Jeremy Sprinkle is an experienced special teams player. Jeremy Sprinkle has a natural tight end build and room for more bulk. Jeremy Sprinkle plays hard and tough.
Weakness: Jeremy Sprinkle is an inconsistent blocker in both the running and passing game. Jeremy Sprinkle has limited agility. Jeremy Sprinkle has a very recent character flag.
Development: Jeremy Sprinkle comes into the league as a solid receiver, though lacking big-play speed. He is a willing run and pass blocker, though his technique is very raw. In other words, Jeremy Sprinkle is a project player who can contribute a few receptions here and there, but he has a long way to go before he is ready to play tight end. Fortunately, he's an experienced special teams player so if he shows enough development before the season starts the team can benefit from his services in other ways. It seems unlikely Jeremy Sprinkle will be able to show enough to land a spot on a deep roster without at least an injury and signs of rapid progress as a blocker. If he is able to stick around and works hard, he certainly has the size and receiving skills to play in the NFL.
Fantasy Football Rating: Red-zone size and hands.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Jeremy Sprinkle is a project player with ideal size and good hands.

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