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Montae Nicholson

Washington Redskins

Free Safety


Michigan State

Strength: Montae Nicholson has good size for a safety. Montae Nicholson has long arms. Montae Nicholson has good leaping skills. Montae Nicholson has good speed for a defensive back. Montae Nicholson has been a steady producer against top competition. Montae Nicholson has shown improved play recognition skills over time.
Weakness: Montae Nicholson has shown limited ability as a receiver. Montae Nicholson has long legs and a very long sprinting stride. Montae Nicholson lacks ideal defensive back agility. Montae Nicholson lacks ideal defensive back quickness. Montae Nicholson is not a big hitter who will separate receivers from balls. Montae Nicholson lacks closing burst. Montae Nicholson is injured.
Development: Montae Nicholson has the size and speed to play his position, but hasn't really been a game changing player at the college level. Further, he lacks the power of a typical strong safety and the man coverage skills of a typical free safety. This all makes him a bit of a project player as someone who will have to learn how to be a better player in the NFL than in college. His skills would seem to be much more suited for special teams, so that may be why he was drafted. If they can take his speed and size and somehow turn him into a tenacious safety with great range, that would be a bonus.
Fantasy Football Rating: Nothing stands out.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size and speed, but needs more decisive fire. Solid special teams coverage skills.

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