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Samaje Perine

Washington Redskins




Strength: Samaje Perine has an ideal halfback build. Samaje Perine is a powerful runner. Samaje Perine shows good patience and burst running up the middle. Samaje Perine is equally strong in his upper and lower body. Samaje Perine has big hands. Samaje Perine displays above average receiving skills out of the backfield. Samaje Perine has been a very durable halfback. Samaje Perine is fast enough to occasionally take the ball the distance, with a few broken tackles along the way.
Weakness: Samaje Perine has limited pass-blocking skills. Samaje Perine is a below average run blocker. Samaje Perine has below average quickness for a halfback. Samaje Perine has taken a lot of hits. Samaje Perine's production declined each year in college. Samaje Perine has below average halfback agility.
Development: Samaje Perine is built like a fullback, but lacks the blocking skills to play the position. He comes ready to play as a short-yardage back who can also go out into a short pattern to receive passes and take the defense by surprise. Otherwise, he is a very raw halfback with limited speed and quickness. However, if he develops a little more play awareness and works on his blocking skills, he could develop into a bruising every down back in the NFL. He not only runs with power, but is a very tough guy to tackle if you don't get a direct hit on him, even when he is at full speed in the open field. He has better vision than most downhill backs and just enough nimble to make cuts around defensive linemen. He has been a durable college back, but you have to wonder how much mileage he would have left if he became a featured back in the NFL. At this point, he stands a good chance to make the roster as a short-yardage back, provided he is able to hold his own on special teams. Barring injury, it doesn't seem likely he will challenge for a starting job until he shows he can be at least an effective blitz pickup blocker.
Fantasy Football Rating: Should score some touchdowns.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Prototypical downhill back with limited speed and quickness, but complemented by more than adequate receiving skills.

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