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Shiro Davis

Washington Redskins

Defensive End

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Shiro Davis is a good athlete for a man of his shape. Shiro Davis is an experienced player who has performed well against top competition. Shiro Davis has decent speed for a defensive end. Shiro Davis plays hard. Shiro Davis is a hard worker. Shiro Davis is a plus run stopper at the point of attack. Shiro Davis is very strong.
Weakness: Shiro Davis has lost a step and may benefit from carrying less weight. Shiro Davis is not a particularly good pass rusher. Shiro Davis has little coverage experience. Shiro Davis is slow to read plays and react.
Development: Shiro Davis is a bit short for a defensive end and a bit round for an outside linebacker. He's not a particularly good pass rusher, and seems a better fit as a run-stopping defensive end in a 4-3. He was a faster player in his early, lighter days at Texas, so the best guess is that the team projects he could make a transition to outside linebacker and become an all-around player if he were to drop down to the 240lbs range. He certainly has the athletic tools and determination to be a special teams contributor, though not much recent experience. He will need to show stead improvement and potential as an OLB to make the practice squad. With a year of work, he certainly has the natural speed, athleticism, and strength to come in and compete for a position next year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Shiro Davis has not been a stat producer.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Shiro Davis is a plus athlete who doesn't fit the defense in his current form.

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