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Robert Kelley

Washington Redskins

Running Back

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Robert Kelley is a plus receiver out of the backfield. Robert Kelley has ideal halfback size. Robert Kelley is a solid run blocker. Robert Kelley is a good pass blocker. Robert Kelley has special teams experience. Robert Kelley plays hard. Robert Kelley is football smart.
Weakness: Robert Kelley has some character red flags. Robert Kelley didn't make himself a featured offensive player at Tulane. Robert Kelley was not particularly impressive running the ball in college. Robert Kelley lacks ideal quickness and cutting ability.
Development: Robert Kelley is the only big halfback on the roster who hasn't been consistently hurt. On the other hand, that could be because he has never been a big part of the offense at Tulane. It is unknown whether his body can take an NFL pounding running the ball. On the other hand, if he is able to develop into an every-down back, he has an intriguing size-speed to him. However, he is a more natural fit as a third-down back, equally adept at pass blocking and receiving. Robert Kelley is already a plus special teams player, in nearly every special teams role. So showing off his receiving skills could land him a role with the team. Though the odds are stacked against him, his ability to do a lot of different things may give him an opportunity.
Fantasy Football Rating: Robert Kelley has all of the traits of a red-zone back.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Robert Kelley is a diverse player with an ideal build, but lacking elite athleticism.

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