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Reggie Diggs

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Reggie Diggs has an ideal wide receiver frame. Reggie Diggs adjusts well to balls in the air. Reggie Diggs has a lot of playing experience. Reggie Diggs is a full-effort player.
Weakness: Reggie Diggs has mediocre wide receiver speed. Reggie Diggs is not a clean route runner. Reggie Diggs lacks NFL quickness.
Development: There are one or two Reggie Diggs receiving projects on just about every roster every year. They are big wide receivers who can jump a little and make adjustments to the ball, but have little history of elite production and even less technical refinement. Reggie Diggs is that guy, and he'll have to show he's paying a whole lot of attention to film and meetings when he steps out on the field for practices just to have a shot at sticking to the practice squad. He has to show he can develop NFL route running skills quickly, as he will always have limited speed and quickness. Even if he puts up numbers in the preseason, it is unlikely he'll grab a roster spot without quite a few injuries in front of him.
Fantasy Football Rating: Reggie Diggs is a red-zone, chain-mover, on the outside chance he sticks in the league.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Reggie Diggs is a redzone receiver project.

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