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Nila Kasitati

Washington Redskins

Offensive Guard

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Nila Kasitati has a solid build. Nila Kasitati is a driving run blocker. Nila Kasitati is football smart. Nila Kasitati is technically sound. Nila Kasitati is very competitive.
Weakness: Nila Kasitati is a limited athlete. Nila Kasitati has a health issue. Nila Kasitati is a bit slow in every direction. Nila Kasitati struggles against quicker players.
Development: Nila Kasitati is a power football player with an obvious competitive streak. While he doesn't project to ever be an elite NFL player, he comes in relatively polished for a guy who wasn't a long-time starter. He's a guy who could see the field in a pinch as a rookie and have a solid game. He doesn't look like a guy who will be intimidated by anyone nor by any situation. If he does take advantage of opportunities early, he could stick around as a quality lineman in the league for a long time. On the other hand, his limited athleticism means that if he doesn't stick right away and doesn't play well right away, he could wash out of the league in a hurry.
Fantasy Football Rating: Nila Kasitati is a plus in the run game, a minus in the pass game.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Nila Kasitati is a productive, sound player with a good build and subpar athleticism.

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