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Mike Wakefield

Washington Redskins

Defensive End

Rookie Free Agent

Florida International

Strength: Mike Wakefield makes game-changing plays. Mike Wakefield is a full-effort pass rusher. Mike Wakefield uses leverage well against bigger linemen. Mike Wakefield plays through the whistle.
Weakness: Mike Wakefield is a bit small for a pass-rush end or linebacker. Mike Wakefield is not particularly good in run pursuit. Mike Wakefield is speed deficient for the outside linebacker position. Mike Wakefield is not good in pass coverage.
Development: Mike Wakefield is a pass-rush specialist who makes plays in the backfield through leverage and non-stop determination. He is neither fast nor particularly coordinated, but he was successful in college. In order to catch on in the NFL, he's going to have to be able to do more than try to run over NFL linemen. Even if he shows himself able to penetrate NFL lines, his upside down the road is pass rush specialist. As such, the transition to outside linebacker probably won't be a big deal because he'll primarily play in pass-rush situations. He faces long odds as an NFL player, but his pass-rush skills give him a fair shot at a practice squad spot this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Mike Wakefield has a history of making plays in the backfield.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Mike Wakefield is a productive, full-effort specialist.

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