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Maurice Harris

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Maurice Harris has an ideal wide receiver build. Maurice Harris has plenty of special teams experience. Maurice Harris has been a full-effort player wherever he's been asked to play. Maurice Harris is athletic for a player of his height, adjusting well to balls in the air. Maurice Harris is an intelligent player.
Weakness: Maurice Harris was merely a solid backup wide receiver in college. Maurice Harris is not particularly fast, nor quick.
Development: Maurice Harris is not a raw project player, but he is not a particularly experienced nor accomplished player. He simply has all of the measurables that say with the right coaching and work ethic he looks like he belongs in the NFL. While not raw, he is also not particularly crisp in his routes. The main question with him is whether he has the quickness or suddenness necessary to consistently get open in the NFL. His special teams skills and his other measurables give him a nearly fifty percent chance of making a practice squad, but it is as a big wide receiver where he'll have to show quick development and the ability to project as a long-term red-zone threat in order to make an active roster at some point.
Fantasy Football Rating: Maurice Harris has the look of a red-zone receiver.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Maurice Harris is an ideal build and tools player with a limited history of production.

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