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Lloyd Carrington

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Arizona State

Strength: Lloyd Carrington is an experienced, productive cornerback. Lloyd Carrington is an intelligent player. Lloyd Carrington has a reputation as a hard worker. Lloyd Carrington has a thick build. Lloyd Carrington has above average technique coming out of college. Lloyd Carrington is a fluid athlete. Lloyd Carrington isn't afraid to make a hit.
Weakness: Lloyd Carrington has subpar defensive back speed. Lloyd Carrington did not create a lot of turnovers in college. Lloyd Carrington lacks ideal cornerback height.
Development: Lloyd Carrington is one of those guys who doesn't physically test well but always seems to play well. The question is whether he can do that against NFL competition. Though he might be a little small for it, he really projects better as a strong safety. He has the toughness for it and the skills to be a quality cover guy against tight ends and backs. However, his experience is primarily as a cover cornerback and that is likely where he'll begin his career journey. His toughness and tackling skills should help him on special teams too. If he doesn't show well early, he may not get many chances. However, he has always looked like he knows what he's doing on the football field, even against elite college competition, so it would not be surprising to see him grab a spot on a practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: Lloyd Carrington is a solid producer.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Lloyd Carrington is a productive, technically sound player with subpar measurables.

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