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Kevin Bowen

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Rookie Free Agent

East Central Oklahoma

Strength: Kevin Bowen has ideal offensive tackle size. Kevin Bowen is surprisingly athletic for his size. Kevin Bowen plays hard. Kevin Bowen showed continual, significant improvement in college.
Weakness: Kevin Bowen has limited experience. Kevin Bowen has very raw technique, especially as a pass blocker. Kevin Bowen needs a lot of work on establishing his base and getting low. Kevin Bowen needs to learn how to use his hands.
Development: Kevin Bowen is a project. Kevin Bowen may be too raw as a pass blocker to stick around and develop in the NFL. On the other hand, even at the NFL level there aren't a lot of guys with his size and athleticism combination. That is why he is getting his chance. He should not be on the roster this year. But if he shows continual improvement throughout the preseason, he certainly could find himself with a year on the practice squad. It is a lot to ask and the odds are very long, but the potential payoff is high.
Fantasy Football Rating: Kevin Bowen shouldn't be in any games this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal size and adequate athleticism with some experience, but a very raw technique project.

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