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Kelsey Young

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent

Boise State

Strength: Kelsey Young is intelligent. Kelsey Young is a hard worker. Kelsey Young has looked good as a receiver in limited opportunities. Kelsey Young has special teams experience. Kelsey Young makes good moves at full speed.
Weakness: Kelsey Young is not particularly experienced. Kelsey Young has merely adequate halfback speed. Kelsey Young is not particularly nimble in short spaces. Kelsey Young has not shown elite vision running up the middle.
Development: Kelsey Young is a compact back with merely adequate speed, strength, and quickness. He has very little wear on his body, which may make him the only running back on the roster who can carry the ball 20 times per game. Unless the team picks up another back along the way, Kelsey Young could make the team by simply showing himself able to block the right guys, catch the balls that hit him in the hands, and choose proper running lanes. That is not to imply he has nothing more to offer down the road, as he is not lacking as a halfback in any particular way. He could be a fine NFL running back given the opportunity and with a lot of refinement on his blocking skills, receiving routes, and even running style. However, lacking an elite feature or projectable skill, he needs to come in to camp and show he can do everything well, giving full effort the whole way or he won't stick long enough to develop.
Fantasy Football Rating: Kelsey Young has shown a nose for the end-zone in limited carries in college.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Kelsey Young has little experience and merely adequate NFL athletic skills, but he is a heady player with limited wear on his body.

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