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Joe Kerridge

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Joe Kerridge is a powerful run blocker. Joe Kerridge is an above average pass blocker in the backfield. Joe Kerridge is a smart football player who rarely misses assignments. Joe Kerridge is a full-effort grinder who wears opponents down.
Weakness: Joe Kerridge has little experience as a receiver. Joe Kerridge has little experience with the ball in his hands. Joe Kerridge lacks elite speed. Joe Kerridge is not elusive in the open field.
Development: Joe Kerridge is a curious pick-up, given the team basically weaned off of one of the best fullbacks in football. What that says is that they are really high on Joe Kerridge as a football player and believe he can do some elite things on the football field. Indeed, if this were the 1980s Joe Kerridge would have been a mid-round draft pick some team picked up to start right away. However, in this era, Joe Kerridge must show more than that he can block, catch passes out of the backfield, and play at a plus level on special teams. Though there is room for a lot of film work and cleaning up around the edges, Joe Kerridge already knows how to go out and make NFL level blocks. It may not be fair, but to stick with the Redskins Joe Kerridge is going to have to show either that he can be a playmaker or that he is just as good blocking on the line as he is from the backfield. A few big plays during the preseason could lock him onto the roster, but he could have a fine preseason and still miss making the team. His skill level is high enough that he'll probably get a few chances around the league if he doesn't stick right away.
Fantasy Football Rating: Joe Kerridge is an immediate plus for the stats of his halfbacks and quarterback when he's on the field.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Joe Kerridge is a throwback blocking back who needs to find a modern niche for his NFL-ready skills.

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