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Geno Matias-Smith

Washington Redskins

Free Safety

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Geno Matias-Smith has experience against top competition in a variety of roles in the defensive backfield. Geno Matias-Smith is an excellent tackler. Geno Matias-Smith has a reputation as a hard worker. Geno Matias-Smith is a full-effort player.
Weakness: Geno Matias-Smith has some character and substance misuse red flags in his history. Geno Matias-Smith has not been particularly productive in any college role.
Development: Geno Matias-Smith brings a jack of all defensive backfield trades, master of no position background to the NFL. He is athletically adequate for all such positions at the NFL level. The main question is whether he'll stick around long enough to become sound enough in his technique to play in the NFL. And, even if he does manage to do that, he was never really a dominant type of player against college competition. His upside is plenty of positional flexibility and disciplined, high-motor play.
Fantasy Football Rating: Geno Matias-Smith has not shown any statistical plus propensities.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Geno Matias-Smith has the NFL odds stacked totally against him, but his versatility could make him valuable at the end of a roster.

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