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Dez Stewart

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent

Ohio Dominican

Strength: Dez Stewart is a powerful runner. Dez Stewart has good speed. Dez Stewart dominated small-college competition. Dez Stewart plays hard.
Weakness: Dez Stewart has very raw route running skills. Dez Stewart hasn't played against top competition.
Development: Dez Stewart has the speed and build you look for in a wide receiver and he has played a lot of football. However, Dez Stewart is another case of a small-college player who dominated because he was built to play with the big boys, not because he has developed superior technique for his position nor because he is a particularly crafty player. There is no denying he's a good athlete. He will likely be developed as a special teams returner. If he shows himself to be especially explosive in that role, he may get other opportunities later in his career to develop as a receiver.
Fantasy Football Rating: Return specialist.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Return specialist with speed and elusive power in the open field. The odds are stacked against him unless he has some big plays right away in camp and the preseason.

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