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Anthony Lanier

Washington Redskins

Defensive End

Rookie Free Agent

Alabama A&M

Strength: Anthony Lanier is a natural athlete. Anthony Lanier has a frame that can handle more bulk. Anthony Lanier is very competitive. Anthony Lanier has a reputation as a leader. Anthony Lanier has a reputation as a hard worker in games and on the practice field. Anthony Lanier makes a lot of plays in the backfield. Anthony Lanier has good speed for a defensive end.
Weakness: Anthony Lanier lacks NFL lineman strength. Anthony Lanier lacks NFL lineman girth.
Development: Anthony Lanier is a competitive, natural athlete who doesn't appear to have a natural fit in the 3-4 defense. As a featured playmaker in college, he does have plenty of experience in different defensive looks. His natural athleticism is obvious, but so is his lean frame. He will either need to put on a lot of muscle to stay on the defensive line or learn to play linebacker in the NFL. He doesn't have a whole lot of pass coverage and open space experience, so he should be looked at as a project player, though with a lot of upside. Whether Anthony Lanier develops will depend on whether he is able to show enough to hang around for a couple of years of development. He will need to learn how to play special teams for a shot at the roster, but the practice squad seems a more reasonable goal at this point. He certainly has the natural athleticism to develop into a player who will make a lot of big plays in the backfield either from the line or linebacker position. Fluid, quick athletes of his size are rare, so he should be given some opportunities.
Fantasy Football Rating: Anthony Lanier has natural pass rush and tackle for loss skills.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Anthony Lanier is a tweener project player with an ideal frame and natural athleticism.

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