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Kendall Fuller

Washington Redskins



Virginia Tech

Strength: Kendall Fuller is a good receiver. Kendall Fuller has a strong aptitude for the cornerback position. Kendall Fuller looks like he enjoys playing physical man coverage. Kendall Fuller isn't afraid to make big tackles. Kendall Fuller has ideal foot quickness for a cornerback. Kendall Fuller has good speed and plus quickness for a free safety.
Weakness: Kendall Fuller lacked elite cornerback speed before the knee injury that ended his final college season. Kendall Fuller lacks ideal size for a free safety.
Development: Kendall Fuller is in the slightly unusual position of coming in as a mid-round draft pick who will be expected to play right away. He probably would have been a mid-second round pick before the injury and if he'd had a successful junior and/or senior season he could easily have been a late first rounder. His style will remind many of Bashaud Breeland, and rightfully so in that he likes to mix it up with receivers and will have to learn how far he can go and still avoid penalties and big play mistakes at the next level. He was very advanced as a college freshman and sophomore, but has a ways to go to be ready to play by the start of the season. If he is fully healed from his injury, he can be expected to contribute as a nickel right away. While he lacks elite cornerback speed, he plays with the quickness and tenacity to cover any receiver as long as he doesn't make technical mistakes. With good health and the assumption of continued technique development, he could easily turn into a starting cornerback in the NFL with plus turnover skills in a variety of defensive sets. If his injury lingers or he's lost a step, he may still be able to make a go of it at free safety, if he's given enough time to develop.
Fantasy Football Rating: Kendall Fuller has the big hands, coordination, and crafty aptitude to catch passes that aren't intended for him.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Kendall Fuller is an injury gamble. If he returns to old form, he projects as a starting cornerback in the NFL with room to get better.

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