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Keith Marshall

Washington Redskins




Strength: Keith Marshall has ideal halfback speed. Keith Marshall has a very solid build for a halfback. Keith Marshall has a reputation as a hard worker. Keith Marshall is intelligent. Keith Marshall is very competitive. Keith Marshall has plenty of special teams experience. Keith Marshall plants and cuts well. Keith Marshall hits the middle with some strength. Keith Marshall shows a consistent willingness to block.
Weakness: Keith Marshall hasn't been able to stay healthy. Keith Marshall was primarily a backup college football player. Keith Marshall is not particularly elusive, nor hard to tackle once he hits top gear. Keith Marshall hasn't done a lot of pass catching in college.
Development: Keith Marshall couldn't ask to have been drafted into a better situation. The Redskins couldn't have asked for a better prospect to fit their situation than what fell to them near the end of the draft. Keith Marshall is a back who could have easily been a high draft pick, if not for major injury concerns. The Redskins have a big pounding back with a roster spot locked up and a returning 3rd down back who, though injury prone, has begun to thrive in his role. Keith Marshall is what the team needs to fill the gap, a 15 to 20 carry per game back, at least in theory, who is explosive enough to handle third down duty and strong enough to handle first and second down duty. The Redskins would like to be able to throw him in there for 10 touches per game right away, but whether he takes advantage of that opportunity will totally depend on how quickly he develops and whether he can stay healthy. Because he hasn't played all that much, there is a lot of work that needs to be done on his game before he is NFL ready. For example, he needs to work on his blocking and route running. However, he has enough talent that his future will be totally predicated on his ability to stay healthy.
Fantasy Football Rating: Keith Marshall has everything you look for a in a feature back, but can he stay healthy?
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Keith Marshall is an ideal halfback athletically and mentally, with major health questions his body will have to answer.

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