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Steven Daniels

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker


Boston College

Strength: Steven Daniels is a powerful tackler. Steven Daniels has a big body that he uses well to break down running plays. Steven Daniels is a hard worker. Steven Daniels is an intelligent player. Steven Daniels has natural special teams instincts.
Weakness: Steven Daniels lacks natural pass coverage fluidity. Steven Daniels is shorter than ideal for a linebacker.
Development: Steven Daniels has better speed than you might expect at first glance. He is an accomplished run stopper and pass rusher from the outside, mostly due to his determination and competitiveness on the football field. He'll likely be asked to move primarily to the inside as a pro, though he is clearly better suited to play as a blitzing and run-stopping 4-3 outside linebacker. He'll be expected to be a core special teams player from the start, and his success or failure there will likely, immediately determine the direction his NFL career takes. If he manages to find special teams success, he could provide some versatility down the road in being able to line up at all of the lineabcker positions, as long as he isn't asked to go out in coverage too often. He is certainly a guy halfbacks don't like to meet head on.
Fantasy Football Rating: Steven Daniels makes big hits and can make plays in the backfield, provided the guys in front of him tie up linemen.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Steven Daniels is a powerful, competitive player with height and athleticism limitations. Special teams and leadership qualities could keep in the league a while.

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