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Josh Doctson

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver



Strength: Josh Doctson generally shows exceptional concentration looking the ball into his hands on catches. Josh Doctson has been the go-to guy for his team. Josh Doctson has bulked up a lot since the end of his senior season. Josh Doctson is good at using his body to keep defenders from interfering with his catches. Josh Doctson was a very productive college receiver. Josh Doctson has a reputation has an exceptionally hard worker and as an overachiever.
Weakness: Josh Doctson was on the thin side for a wide receiver. Josh Doctson is not particularly fast in the open field. Josh Doctson has some injury flags in his past. Josh Doctson does not play with much power. Josh Doctson doesn't run particularly good routes. Josh Doctson is a below average blocker as a college wide receiver.
Development: Josh Doctson is one of those high-character, high-upside players that is drafted on the idea he'll continually improve and get the most out of what he has. He's not an elite athlete by any stretch. Though the media talks about him as a big receiver, in college he was really just a long receiver. He is a guy who has always improved a great deal over time, so it is not surprising he has been able to bulk up so quickly to fit the NFL game. He will need the additional strength not just for power, but to keep from getting injured. The questions around him are whether he will still be fast enough for the NFL game. He still needs to refine his game. He needs to learn how to block effectively. He needs to learn how to tackle if he is to contribute on special teams. He needs to learn how to run better routes. All of this likely accounts for why such a productive, even dominating, tall college receiver slipped down in the first round. The reason the Redskins drafted him is the high-character and the striking-improvement curve Josh Doctson has shown over time. His elite skills are his hands and body control. If he is able to play bigger and run better routes with more quickness and suddenness, he could quickly emerge as a top NFL receiver. If he isn't able to do those things, he won't go far in the NFL. He'll certainly be given chances to shine as a first round pick. If he continues at his previous development pace, he's likely to be worked in by midseason as a 5th receiver seeing time on the field only in situations that fit his skills well. By his second season he'll be given an opportunity to show whether he's ready for the NFL game, which he should be.
Fantasy Football Rating: Josh Doctson is a red-zone threat who will likely be given some opportunities to use his hands and height early, but unlikely to play the full playbook as a rookie.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Josh Doctson is a super-productive, hard-worker with a history of continual improvement. He features crazy-good hand-eye coordination and ideal size. He has the most upside of any receiver in this draft.

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