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Nate Sudfeld

Washington Redskins




Strength: Nate Sudfeld is tall. Nate Sudfeld is well-built. Nate Sudfeld has a strong arm. Nate Sudfeld has achieved success over a long period against good competition. Nate Sudfeld shows leadership potential. Nate Sudfeld is a hard worker. Nate Sudfeld plays tough, mentally and physically.
Weakness: Nate Sudfeld doesn't consistently make quick decisions. Nate Sudfeld isn't particularly accurate. Nate Sudfeld doesn't show good play progression and route progression anticipation. Nate Sudfeld doesn't have good timing.
Development: When a big, strong-armed quarterback with above average athleticism for his size goes late in the draft, there are reasons for it. At this point, Nate Sudfeld has the physical measurables, and even the mental measurables, but not the intangibles of playing the quarterback position. If he were a couple of inches shorter, he wouldn't have been drafted. However, he couldn't have been put in a better position to see if all of what he has can be developed. He will basically come in as a practice player to show what he can do while helping the receivers on the roster get plenty of practice. He does have the arm strength and experience to come right in and throw all of the passes for all of the routes the team runs. If he shows steady improvement throughout the preseason he may find his way onto the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: Nate Sudfeld has a big arm, but he doesn't project to play well any time soon.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal-build and good tools, needs a lot of development. Uncertainty about whether the mental makeup is there. History of success.

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