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Matthew Ioannidis

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle



Strength: Matthew Ioannidis spends a lot of time in the backfield. Matthew Ioannidis is a high-motor player. Matthew Ioannidis is a very well-built lineman. Matthew Ioannidis uses his strong arms well both in the pass rush and for tackling. Matthew Ioannidis is football smart. Matthew Ioannidis is a hard worker. Matthew Ioannidis has been a very durable lineman. Matthew Ioannidis has a reputation for being coachable. Matthew Ioannidis seldom misses a tackle.
Weakness: Matthew Ioannidis is underweight for the nose tackle position. Matthew Ioannidis hasn't been as productive when lining up at defensive end. Matthew Ioannidis lacks ideal athleticism for a defensive end. Matthew Ioannidis is a bit slow in the open field. Matthew Ioannidis has very raw technique. Matthew Ioannidis hasn't shown a strong understanding of base leverage.
Development: Matthew Ioannidis strengthens the trend of the Redskins to draft a football player who plays hard and gets results, leaving for later figuring out where and how he should actually play. Matthew Ioannidis is really built to be a successful defensive tackle and he'll have to learn how to work as an undersized nose tackle and an oversized defensive end with the Redskins. The Redskins haven't been able to find dominant, affordable defensive linemen who fit a specific position well since their move to the 3-4, but they have been able to create solid line rotations with very versatile linemen like Matthew Ioannidis, who can be rotated in and out all along the line based on situations and formations. Most project players are super athletes who have yet to find success against sound competition, but Matthew Ioannidis is a relentless player who has yet to master some of the subtleties of pass and run rush. He isn't particularly athletic, but he has the natural build and strength to do the job and he's the type of hard worker who should improve over time. When he does play his team will win a lot of late game battles just because he tires out his opponents and he never seems to slow down. His drive should make him a successful special teams player from the start, giving him time to develop beyond a situational lineman into a more complete lineman, even if he doesn't ever settle in on a single position in the 3-4. The one thing about Matthew Ioannidis is that he's a fun player to watch because the competitive intensity is always there.
Fantasy Football Rating: Matthew Ioannidis is a penetration lineman, so he should be a disruptive backfield force if he plays regularly.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Matthew Ioannidis is strong, high-motor tweener. Matthew Ioannidis should find success rotating around the defensive line, if he's able to become more technically proficient.

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