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Trey Williams

Washington Redskins

Running Back

Rookie Free Agent

Texas A&M

Strength: Trey Williams has a powerful, compact build. Trey Williams is a good return man. Trey Williams is a competent receiver. Trey Williams has good speed. Trey Williams has excellent change of direction power acceleration.
Weakness: Trey Williams is a short back. Trey Williams has small hands. Trey Williams does not have the build or experience of a feature back. Trey Williams is not a particularly good blitz pickup back.
Development: Trey Williams is more of a scat back than a running back. He's not a guy you'd want to hand the ball off to as he charges into the line on a regular basis. However, he can hit the home runs on pitch outs, passes to the flat, and screens. Most teams like to have one player like him on the roster, but the Redskins currently have one who is likely to make the team. Still, teams don't let to like guys like Trey Williams get away so he has a good chance to make the practice squad where he can further show that he is the best man for the position. He will need to show that he is a special teams weapon, competent third down receiver, and competent blocker in order to get that chance. One thing to his advantage is his compact build and history of durability are better than average for the position.
Fantasy Football Rating: Regular big play threat that has potential for high reception stats some day.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Durable scat back.

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