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Tony Jones

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Tony Jones has good speed for a wide receiver. Tony Jones has plenty of college experience. Tony Jones accelerates quickly.
Weakness: Tony Jones hasn't been a dominant receiver in college. Tony Jones hasn't made a lot of big plays. Tony Jones has not progressed much as a route runner.
Development: Tony Jones is an experienced college player who wasn't really a star at the college level. He's basically an athletic project that the team hopes can be coached into something special. The odds of him making the practice squad are less than 50-50. He'll have to be a top special teams performer and consistently stand out in training camp and the preseason. Even if he does make the practice squad, such receivers seldom make it in the league.
Fantasy Football Rating: Solid possession receiver.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Good athlete without productive history facing very long odds.

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