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Takoby Cofield

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Takoby Cofield is a solid size-athlete combination for the offensive tackle position. Takoby Cofield has a lot of college starting experience. Takoby Cofield is a tough, smart player.
Weakness: Takoby Cofield lacks ideal tackle size. Takoby Cofield lacks ideal tackle athleticism. Takoby Cofield hasn't had to face a lot of top players.
Development: Takoby Cofield has a lot of game experience as a left tackle, but the quality of the competition allowed him to get by without becoming a master of his position. He's equally adequate as a run and pass blocker. He has the physical and mental tools to develop into a solid NFL player, but he may have a steep learning curve at NFL speed to master the technique he'll need to block athletes who are faster, stronger, and more experienced than him in the NFL. Still, you can't teach size and athleticism and it is hard to find those traits combined with plenty of game experience, so he should get every shot to show whether he can develop into depth on a team looking to add quality, youthful depth to the tackle position. His best shot for 2015 may be the practice squad where he can take a year to catch up to NFL speed and adapt to NFL talent.
Fantasy Football Rating: Probably best if he's not starting in front of your running back or quarterback.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw, experienced, small-school prospect with adequate physical traits for the tackle position.

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