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Reggie Bell

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent

San Diego

Strength: Reggie Bell had a productive college career. Reggie Bell has a knack for making tough catches and big plays. Reggie Bell has a reputation as a smart player. Reggie Bell runs decent routes. Reggie Bell is a very agile player. Reggie Bell has returner experience.
Weakness: Reggie Bell is a small receiver from a small football program. Reggie Bell is not particular fast for his size.
Development: Reggie Bell is an experienced receiver who should be able to pick up his role and assignments quickly in the NFL. The questions about him are whether he can catch up to NFL speed and whether he has the overall talent to make a career out of the NFL. The odds are stacked against him.
Fantasy Football Rating: Productive receiver, but unlikely to be on an NFL roster this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive, undersized player from small school--less than 50-50 chance of making a practice squad.

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