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Quinton Dunbar

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Quinton Dunbar has decent size for a wide receiver. Quinton Dunbar has ideal speed for a wide receiver. Quinton Dunbar is a tough player who isn't afraid to get physical while blocking and while playing special teams. Quinton Dunbar is a hard worker. Quinton Dunbar is a smart player who shows recognition of schemes and plays as they unfold on the field.
Weakness: Quinton Dunbar had pedestrian productivity as a college receiver. Quinton Dunbar is a mediocre college route runner. Quinton Dunbar doesn't have particularly good hands.
Development: Quinton Dunbar has the measurables that NFL teams drool over, and even had some productive games for a major college program. However, he is a very raw receiver with questionable route running skills and hands. His best shot at a roster spot might be to try to turn himself into a return man. It's hard to imagine the team letting him go without giving him every shot to earn a practice squad spot where they can see if they can develop something around his physical gifts. Even if he makes the practice squad, the odds are stacked against him for a long-term NFL career. But he'll likely get more chances than most and the tools to be a star are certainly present. For now he needs to focus on showing how he can immediately benefit special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: Future big play threat with tantilizing red-zone potential as well, but limited history of production.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Athletic project player with ideal size and speed.

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