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Houston Bates

Washington Redskins

Defensive End

Rookie Free Agent

Louisiana Tech

Strength: Houston Bates has good speed for his size. Houston Bates has shown the rare ability to be a dominant pass rush force at key moments in big games. Houston Bates displays good football intelligence and instincts. Houston Bates is an experienced special teams player.
Weakness: Houston Bates doesn't have ideal fluidity in his movements in run pursuit. Houston Bates doesn't put up great workout numbers and measurables. Houston Bates is too small for a defensive end.
Development: Houston Bates is one of those players who has always played well, but doesn't always measure well. His core skill is getting into the backfield, which means he'll be asked to learn how to play outside linebacker as a rookie trying to compete for a roster spot on a 3-4 team. He has done a solid job in the past in pass coverage and he is a sure tackler. He certainly has the speed and football intelligence to play the position, but will have to quickly learn the position well enough to overcome any athletic deficiencies. Fortunately for him, the Redskins don't have a lot of veteran depth at the position. His special teams skills are already beyond those of the other young players competing for a spot at outside linebacker. So all he really needs to do to make the practice squad is learn a new position really quickly and show that his college pass rushing skills are equally effective in the NFL. Despite being undrafted, he has a solid chance to earn a roster spot.
Fantasy Football Rating: A tackle for loss machine wherever and whenver he has started.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Less than ideal athlete with all of the intangibles for and history of success. He just constantly makes plays in the backfield.

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