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Dyshawn Davis

Washington Redskins

Inside Linebacker

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Dyshawn Davis has shown some talent for making plays in the backfield. Dyshawn Davis is experienced in pass coverage. Dyshawn Davis has good workout numbers for a linebacker.
Weakness: Dyshawn Davis is a bit small for an inside linebacker.
Development: Dyshawn Davis's workout numbers show intriguing athleticism, but he didn't get noticed much by scouts for playing with that athleticism. However, he did have a productive college career. Despite all of his college starting experience, he wasn't even invited to the Combine. The Redskins noticed him and are bringing him into camp for a look. He faces long odds, but he'll get a chance to show he can play big at NFL speed during the preseason.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive college player who will be training camp body auditioning for special teams.

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