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Corey Crawford

Washington Redskins

Defensive End

Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Corey Crawford is an experienced college player. Corey Crawford has ideal size for a defensive end. Corey Crawford is remarkably coordinated for his size.
Weakness: Corey Crawford is a bit slow for a defensive end. Corey Crawford doesn't play with the strength you'd expect from a man of his size. Corey Crawford doesn't seem to have improved much on technique with experience.
Development: Corey Crawford has the build the screams NFL defensive lineman at you when you see him, but he often looks overwhelmed against solid competition. Though he's clearly intelligent, it really just doesn't seem like he has the intensity nor desire for football. He looks like a guy who could develop into a solid run-game disrupter if someone could light a fire under him. If he shows intensity during the preseason he's got the type of body and coordination coaches love to see in their next practice squad project player.
Fantasy Football Rating: Stay away.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Project player with ideal build, okay production, and limited technique.

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