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Matt Jones

Washington Redskins

Running Back



Strength: Matt Jones is a big, powerful back. Matt Jones has plus vision for an NFL running back. Matt Jones plays hard. Matt Jones has good hands and runs clean routes. Matt Jones is a willing blocker. Matt Jones occasionally surprises defenders with unusual bursts of speed and quick moves for a player of his size.
Weakness: Matt Jones's smash mouth style isn't conducive to a long career. Matt Jones has a history of sore body parts. Matt Jones wasn't a featured college back.
Development: Matt Jones is a case of taking a guy with great measurables who has, when given a chance, demonstrated his skills against top competition and trying to project him as a better player at the NFL level. He didn't catch a lot of passes in college, but scouts rave about his skills in the passing game. He didn't run the ball out in the open much, but he can clearly see plays developing in front of him when he is in the open field. However, when there is no space available, he will simply plow into or through whatever objects are in his way. The fact is, despite his large build, he may just play too rough to ever be a full-time back over a period of several years. Instead his best chance for NFL success is as a guy you bring in on pass plays to block or go out in patterns, though he can step into goal line and steam roll his way into the end zone just as well. Look for the Redskins to pick and choose when he plays, taking advantage of his unique power skills and pass play skills to create matchup problems for defenses. He is the type of do-it-all back that could also carry a team on his back for a few games at a time in a pinch.
Fantasy Football Rating: Goal line and pass catching back.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: There are legitimate wear and tear concerns, but Matt Jones has the size and athleticism to be very good for a short period as a starter or for a long period as a part time player.

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