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Brandon Scherff

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle



Strength: Brandon Scherff is a physical, athletic competitor. Brandon Scherff was a dominant run and pass blocker at the college level. Brandon Scherff has good size. Brandon Scherff is very strong. Brandon Scherff is football smart. Brandon Scherff is agile and quick for his size. Brandon Scherff has shown steady improvement.
Weakness: Brandon Scherff is a bit compact for a tackle.
Development: The pick of Brandon Scherff was a best available player pick, with no clear position in mind for him to play in 2015, as his natural left tackle is already filled. On the other hand, he's consider so talented, they can pencil him to start at whichever of the other four offensive line positions they feel is the weakest coming into the season and expect that he'll be an immediate upgrade. He looks just as comfortable blocking out in front of a sweep as power blocking up the middle in goal line. He is probably the most ready to start offensive lineman that the team has drafted since Chris Samuels. Even if he should find himself a bit overwhelmed by the speed and power of the NFL pass rush at first, he's the type of competitor that will come back at the defensive players with all he has from the start through finish of each play. More often than not a play will end with the defensive player on the ground or moving backward. As his career progresses and he learns more about NFL pass protections he may be moved over to the quarterback's blindside.
Fantasy Football Rating: Instant running game upgrade and eventual passing game upgrade.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: A fierce competitor who knows what he's doing and is powerful enough to impose his will, Brandon Scherff should be an annual pro bowler.

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