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Preston Smith

Washington Redskins

Defensive End


Mississippi State

Strength: Preston Smith has played well lining up at all of the positions on the defensive line. Preston Smith is naturally large. Preston Smith is a gritty player. Preston Smith was one of the top performers at the NFL Combine. Preston Smith never seems to lack the athleticism to do whatever is asked of him on the field.
Weakness: Preston Smith hasn't played linebacker. Preston Smith is very large for a linebacker.
Development: Preston Smith is really a 4-3 defensive end, but will have to transition to more of an outside linebacker and nickel defensive end hybrid in the NFL. He still has room on his body to gain some muscle, so he could end up playing more end than linebacker eventually. The Redskins feel he can make this transition because he has good agility and athleticism for his size. However, what little pass coverage and play read experience he has came from the defensive end position. He certainly has the talent to be a high draft pick, but he may not be as ready to play as most high draft picks. He will need to be developed with patience. Expect to seem him mostly used as a pass rusher during his rookie season. His athleticism may also lead to him being a regular on special teams, despite his size. He has shown the will and physical skills to succeed somewhere on the football field.
Fantasy Football Rating: Turnover and tackle for loss machine in college.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Preston Smith is a large tweener with plus athleticism and a history of production everywhere he has played.

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