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Austin Reiter

Washington Redskins



South Florida

Strength: Austin Reiter has decent size for a center. Austin Reiter has ideal strength for a center. Austin Reiter is an experienced college center.
Weakness: Austin Reiter did not get to play against a lot of top competition in college. Austin Reiter is not particularly athletic for his size.
Development: Austin Reiter is an experienced small college player who has the strength and intelligence to come in and hold things together in the short-term if the guys you're counting on get injured. In other words, he's the third center on a team that will likely only have one true center when the season starts. If he impresses the team he could get a shot at a practice squad spot, as the team has done with similar centers in the past as a safety valve guy who knows the line calls in case of an emergency during the season. However, there are currently several guards on the roster who can fill in at center, so even that seems like a long-shot this season.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not good news if he's your starter this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Practice player with the measurables and experience to step in when needed.

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