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Tevin Mitchel

Washington Redskins




Strength: Tevin Mitchel has decent size for a cornerback. Tevin Mitchel has ideal cornerback speed. Tevin Mitchel looks very athletic in coverage.
Weakness: Tevin Mitchel was a nickel back throughout college. Tevin Mitchel has had a variety of injuries. Tevin Mitchel plays small in coverage. Tevin Mitchel hasn't shown himself to be much of a tackler.
Development: Tevin Mitchel is a guy who was basically drafted because he puts up good workout numbers. There is no doubt that he has some physical gifts, but quite a bit of doubt about whether he is NFL tough. After a draft featuring one tough player after another, the Redskins threw a flyer out on a physically gifted player who has yet to even show himself a good college prospect. He does have football in his blood and he could develop some day, but it is doubtful he'll be around long enough to make it happen.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not a stat producer.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Speedy project player full of question marks.

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