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Kyshoen Jarrett

Washington Redskins

Strong Safety


Virginia Tech

Strength: Kyshoen Jarrett has shown special teams desire and skills. Kyshoen Jarrett is a hard worker and hitter. Kyshoen Jarrett has a tendancy to make positive, game-changing plays. Kyshoen Jarrett has the speed, quickness, and acceleration to play free safety.
Weakness: Kyshoen Jarrett is small for a safety.
Development: If he makes the roster, Kyshoen Jarrett will be one of the smallest safeties in the NFL. As is typically the case, he makes up for it by hitting particularly hard. He has certainly shown the playmaking skills of an early to mid round draft pick, if only he were 4 inches taller. His history of production against solid college competition suggests that he knows how to use what he has. He is certainly an intelligent, hard-working, full-effort player who should be given every chance to show whether he can play big in the NFL. Though his size and speed would lead you to expect a transtion to free safety, his playing style is completely strong safety. He will need to make strides in man coverage, especially against large inside receivers and tight ends, in order to make a long-term home out of the NFL. His special teams skills should keep him around for a while, as he is not only a tough special teams tackler but has showcased some return skills as well.
Fantasy Football Rating: A history of modest tackle and turnover numbers.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Undersized, productive player with all of the mental intangibles.

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