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Martrell Spaight

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker



Strength: Martrell Spaight is a tough special teams player. Martrell Spaight is an explosive tackler. Martrell Spaight is known as a guy who plays hard on every play. Martrell Spaight is football smart.
Weakness: Martrell Spaight is a bit undersized for an NFL linebacker. Martrell Spaight is not particularly fast for a linebacker.
Development: If he can define a role for himself as a special teams coverage player, Martrell Spaight projects as depth as a hard hitting inside linebacker for Washington DC. There isn't a lot of competition at inside linebacker, so a roster spot is his to lose. He will have to learn a bit of a new role, but he certainly has the intelligence, work ethic, physical skills, and attitude for that role. Though he is not the type of elite athlete you'd expect of an undersized player, he is a quick, fluid athlete who can do what is required for the inside linebacker position. His toughness could land him a starting job one day for a coach looking to instill a tough attitude in a defense.
Fantasy Football Rating: Tackle machine, but not much else.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive, hard-hitting, undersized linebacker that can produce in the NFL.

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