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Arie Kouandjio

Washington Redskins

Offensive Guard



Strength: Arie Kouandjio has an ideal offensive guard build. Arie Kouandjio is a powerful run blocker. Arie Kouandjio has a reputation as a hard worker. Arie Kouandjio finishes plays with the same tenacity with which he starts them. Arie Kouandjio is football smart.
Weakness: Arie Kouandjio has an injury history. Arie Kouandjio did not show himself to be particularly healthy, nor athletic in predraft drills.
Development: As a tough, gritty power run blocker with a history of injuries Arie Kouandjio may remind many people of Spencer Long. It is a fitting comparison. However, Arie Kouandjio's injuries have not stopped him from playing a lot of great football over the last couple of years against some of the best teams in the country. He should come in and compete for a job right away. In fact, his natural position, left guard, appears to have an opening. It is unlikely he will win the starting job in the preseason, but if he plays and progresses well he could find himself in that role before long. The question is only whether he can stay healthy and put together a sufficient pass blocking game to justify a starting job in the NFL. He does have some athletic limitations, but he works very well at blocking people in his area. His history, work ethic, and intelligence all point to him at least making the roster if he's healthy this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: A plus for the power running game.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Either an injury bargain or injury liability, Arie Kouandjio is a tone-setting power blocker.

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