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Silas Redd

Washington Redskins


Rookie Free Agent


Strength: Silas Redd has the build to be an every-down back. Silas Redd is intelligent. Silas Redd is a strong, yet quick ball carrier. Silas Redd has good field vision.
Weakness: Silas Redd is coming off of a season of injuries. Silas Redd is not a speed burner. Silas Redd does not secure the football well.
Development: Though not quite as durable nor accomplished as a college player Silas Redd looks a lot like a young Evan Royster. His best trait is his vision. He is an experienced player who can make a quick cut to hit a hole with some authority. Though he comes into the league with a significant amount of major college experience, he is still a bit raw as a blocker and receiver. He also has some work to do in terms of choosing his holes and hitting them with a low pad level. If he can stay healthy, he should be a strong practice squad candidate.
Fantasy Football Rating: Possible every-down back for someone at some time.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive player with an injury history and speed limitations.

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